What does psalm 101 3 meaning

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what does psalm 101 3 meaning

Our Christianity is not real, unless it is active at home as well as in public. David is choosing his companions by God's choices.

Psalms 101:3

A man of a froward heart, that devises froward things in his heart, and speaks it out with his mouth. Or set it before me, to imitate as a pattern, to work by, and copy after.

what does psalm 101 3 meaning

If thou bestowest mercy upon me, or If thou bring any judgment upon me, before thee, O Lord! His eyes are upon them, to show favor to them, to bestow blessings upon them, and to protect and defend them, and preserve them from perishing. Note, 1.

Matthew Henry :: Commentary on Psalms 101

Search verses, phrases, and topics e. Their belief was that it was not evil to steal to help your family, but it was evil to get caught. How is the best way to stay out of trouble? Those that are in public stations are not thereby excused from care in governing their families; nay, rather, they are more concerned to set a good example of ruling their own houses well, 1 Tim.

If such a thing "seized on him unawares, he would shake it off as a thing accursed" Kay ; comp.

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Search the Bible. Geneva Study Bible I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: Deuteronomy 32: And he has reason to be thankful for the one as for the other, as Job was Job 1: You see, not everyone goes by the Ten Commandments.

David is aware that he is king, because God anointed him to be king and not from his own worthiness.

what does psalm 101 3 meaning

It shall not he allowed to attach itself to me. The Targum is, "he shall stand with my servants;'' in his house here, and at his right hand hereafter. What is thought by David to be the holy city of God?

Psalm 101:3

Israel and Jerusalem respectively. Passwords should have at least 6 characters. This psalm describes the perfect king.