Howard chandler christy biography

Howard Chandler Christy

She became known as the "Christy girl," and Christy used her image in books, magazines, calendars, and even patriotic posters. The Illustrator in America, 1860-2000. And they seemed somehow more approachable than their Gibson counterparts - equally sure of themselves, but not quite so remotely idealized. Does anybody have any further information about it?

The New Biography, 'An Affair With Beauty', Sheds Light On The Most Famous Painter Of The Jazz Age

In the recent Famous American Illustrators , author Ermoyan writes that Christy "did a portfolio of sketches of the Rough Riders which was published as a book. In 1893 Christy also entered the National Academy of Design and won two prizes in draftsmanship. It depicts a soldier smoking a pipe and a woman appearing in the smoke.

He moved back to Ohio, but returned to New York once again in 1892. Subscribe Sign in.

howard chandler christy biography

These included G. Yohn to Cuba to cover the Spanish American War. During this conflict, the artist accompanied American soldiers into battle.

howard chandler christy biography

By the 1940s, using his favorite model, Elise Ford, Christy sought to personify America as a beautiful woman representing liberty and freedom. He drew upon that fervor and his tremendous talent to create posters for the war effort. Men wanted to marry her.

howard chandler christy biography

During World War I, he drew posters encouraging his fellow Americans to support the war effort. The young men were likely friends as Yohn was all of 23 at the time and a fellow Art Students League graduate.

howard chandler christy biography

It is during this time of sickness and depression that the artist began focusing on landscapes and the female nude. After the war, Christy became famous for his artwork depicting a young woman. Why isn't Christy more of a household name like other artists such as Charles Dana Gibson?

See Also Herbert C. William Randolph Hearst. At three he was already sketching animals and by four his father purchased him his first set of watercolors.

Dissatisfied with his constant war story commissions, Christy introduced his trademark Christy Girl in an illustration depicting a female figure in the pipe smoke of a war hero.

This direct-from-nature method suited Christy perfectly and his work was soon in demand.