How to wedding makeup tips

What a face!!!! But remember that the bolder the look, the more maintenance, and try to avoid trends which will be outlived by photographs. Do your hair first so it can set while you apply your make-up.

These are the makeup tips every bride needs to know ahead of her wedding day

The best hair straighteners for just about any type of hair. If this is already your signature look, stick with it but maybe bump up the lashes or add a cheekbone highlight to glam it up. Try a glittery gilded eye, a metallic lip, or a gilded highlight in powder formulas, versus cream or oil, so your look will last all night.

An easy way to blend uneven skin tones together is to use a light fake tan.

how to wedding makeup tips

If you're getting ready at a hotel, ask for a high bar stool so you can be at eye level with your makeup artist. Back acne — what it is, why it happens and how to get rid of it. This is the best way to figure out what you want and to avoid stress on the big day.

how to wedding makeup tips

Pale nude or brown lip hues can make you appear washed out in photos, particularly since you'll be wearing white. If you're doing your make-up yourself, practice the look a few times before your wedding day.

Waterproof It Choose a mascara that's waterproof; it lasts longer and withstands tears.

20 Great Bridal Beauty Makeup Tips

If you have dry skin - Avoid an overly matte formula. A silky matte finish will hold up all day and photograph beautifully. View this post on Instagram.

Equally important: Do contour your eyes, but avoid using color that's too dense it can detract from your eyes themselves. Choose a mascara that's waterproof; it lasts longer and withstands tears.

how to wedding makeup tips

In the case of a sudden monstrous pimple, see your dermatologist and ask for an cortisone injection that will shrink it instantly. More From Beauty. Home Life Weddings.

how to wedding makeup tips

Focus on brightening and opening up your eyes, sculpting your face with highlighters and go for rose or nude lips. And make sure there are electrical outlets nearby for appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons, and electric rollers.

Use a moisturizer that includes SPF 30 or higher, especially if you are getting married outdoors! Take a quick scroll, pick out your fave for your trial appointment, then get back to that frustrating seating chart.

how to wedding makeup tips