How to improve comprehension skills

Before reading a text, complete a pre-reading survey for a brief summary of it. Boldface subheadings. Suggested Posts.

Improving Reading Comprehension

Many people comprehend material better if they read it out loud — especially if your an auditory learner. Reading the first paragraph, or introduction, will what the material you're about to read is going to be about. Chapter introductions and first paragraphs.

how to improve comprehension skills

The secret to becoming a better reader is practise—something that is much easier when your child actually likes what he or she is reading. When your child has a question, encourage him or her to pause and reflect on what he or she has read.

how to improve comprehension skills

Reading comprehension is the ability to read a sentence and understand its meaning. Next, read section and chapter headings and text highlighted with bold print. Reading assignments should be connected to future class discussions, oral presentations, tests, or reports.

how to improve comprehension skills

If your child still has unanswered questions, have him or her take these to the teacher for extra help. Many texts contain information and details that is unrelated to the most important concepts and ideas.

how to improve comprehension skills

Please read it here. However, throughout this process reading comprehension must be emphasized.

how to improve comprehension skills

They should write down their points. If your child is struggling with reading on an ongoing basis, watch for red flags that he or she may have a reading difficulty.


As you come across key concepts, facts and ideas, use a highlighter, write them down on a piece of paper, or make a note in the margin. There is nothing wrong with giving students an idea about questions on tests. Throughout the process, be sure to focus on general information, not specifics.

10 Effective Ways of Improving Reading Comprehension in Your Learners

Perhaps the most important tip you can give learners about how to read is that their reading comprehension is most likely to improve when they stop reading. This should help them know when to focus on text and when to skim it. As your child makes his or her way through the reading material, have him or her write down unfamiliar words. Improving Reading Comprehension Good reading comprehension comes only with practice.