How to hand wash delicate clothes

how to hand wash delicate clothes

Brightly colored items—such as garments made of dyed silk—may bleed as you wash them. Lay your delicate items flat to dry.

how to hand wash delicate clothes

Edit Related wikiHows. Learn more. Finally — because of those aforementioned dye problems — always wash colored items with similar colors. Follow the directions — especially the ones that tell you what not to do — and you'll already have made delicate garment care a dozen times easier. Step 1: You don't want to be washing your last couple loads in dirty water.

how to hand wash delicate clothes

The best washing machines to use are ones that do not have a central agitator. Sweaters, athletic wear, undergarments and other items that require extra care may be cleaned by simply hand-washing them.

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Upload a picture for other readers to see. Some delicate fabrics will swell when wet, and you want the fibers to change size evenly, so that they don't warp out of place. Delicate items can also be stored in thin, water-permeable washing bags to keep them from snagging on other clothing or internal machinery.

That means learning how to wash clothing by hand.

how to hand wash delicate clothes

Rinse your delicate items in clean water or a different basin or bowl. That's going to have an unexpected — and unwelcome — effect on your clothing. Swirl your clothes to wash them.

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Are you supposed to use soap? Carefully swirl your delicate items in the soapy water to get them clean. Getting delicate items wet may affect their shapes. Step 5: