What youtubers are going to digitour 2015

The company has since put on more than 185 events, featuring hundreds of social media stars each year.

Rojas wanted to take younger, social media savvy artists and literally give them a vehicle to turn their online fan connections into real life experiences. The Rojases organized the first YouTube music tour with popular artists such as Christina Grimmie who now has 2. Cleveland will play a big part in DigiTour's growth going forward. There was also an Invisalign-sponsored kissing booth that generated a daylong queue.

what youtubers are going to digitour 2015

The fest features onstage performances as well as meet and greet sessions where fans can come into contact with the social media icons they've interacted with online. The most recent one, in New York City in early June, attracted an audience of 12,500 shrieking teens. Yet, the idea wasn't well received by her peers. The case for creating climate change panic Impact Senator Mark Warner has a new plan to protect gig economy workers.

These are typically anchored around a single headlining act and a few direct supporting acts. We've been to Chicago, but Cleveland opens up some nearby drivable cities and states.

The challenge was to take it one step further. Rojas founded the festival in 2011 and has grown the touring festival from 3,500 fans 100,000 last year.

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And the early record industry doubters who once mocked Rojas and her partners are now reaching out see how then can invest in or have their artists featured on DigiTour. Its flagship event, a full-day affair called DigiFest, features about 70 to 80 performers spread across three stages.

what youtubers are going to digitour 2015

Though, Rojas still hasn't met Hanson. DigiTour got really interesting once it realized that it could create a live experience for other YouTubers, as well as Vine and Instagram personalities. YouTube is, as Susan Wojcicki says in our feature story , its own medium.

Those social media connections were initially a hard sell for Rojas, who came up with the concept for DigiTour while working as a creative director for Universal Music Publishing Group.

what youtubers are going to digitour 2015

DigiTour started in 2011 with music. DigiTour has more than doubled its number of tour stops and festivals this year. Rojas says the goal is to give each fan a "Best day of my life" experience.

DigiFest brings social media's hottest stars to Cleveland

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