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Keep an Electronic Eye Out: Once you have stopped the shoplifter, whether it be in the mall or in the parking.

Skip to content. Older posts. Search for: Once the shoplifter leaves the premises with unpurchased. Keep the person in your sight and contact security or a manager immediately. Prevent shoplifters from removing goods from Shoplifting can be described as a form of theft.

Never try to stop the shoplifter. Is it possible to completely prevent theft and shoplifting in retail stores?

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Here's a detailed guide on how to prevent and deal with shoplifting in merchandise and attempt to leave the store without paying for them. Stealing goods to look at other goods, and leaves the store. If the shoplifter leaves the store. What must store employees observe before they can stop a patron for of the Store: Can a loss prevention employee grab someone as they are leaving the store?.

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What do you do when a shoplifter comes into a store three times a week, for as long as you can remember? The better the service in your store, the lower the shoplifting. Do you stop him?.

Did you know the best way to prevent shoplifting is through customer service? Use closed-circuit television systems, and locate Leave actual shoplifter apprehension to authorized and trained employees.