How to unlock 240b in battlefield 4

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I am currently going through the campaign just to unlock the 249. There are 3 different endings.

how to unlock 240b in battlefield 4

Heatseeker — Secondary Weapon Does not require anything to unlock, available from the start. I have finished the campaign. What about P90?

How do I get M249?! I have finished the campaign.

Collect the M320 from the box, wait for Irish to open the door and walk through it. Urban Combat.

how to unlock 240b in battlefield 4

Especially on console. The M240B is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.

how to unlock 240b in battlefield 4

Doing so will give you only 25 points, but the thing is, that popping out of the zoomed mode and doing it again will slap another 25 points on top of that. Gentlem4nGh0st said: Shank To unlock this you must complete the Fang of the Underworld Assignment.

I was on operation locker, my usual haunt lately, and I have had some of my best runs, 13, 14, 20 KDR matches with the M240B. Since the summer patch, the M240B's long range effectiveness has been decreased dramatically since the original 0. What you need to do is get to a rooftop where you can see a lot of the enemy vehicles and you need to tag them with the binoculars. Since the Dec 1st, 2011 update, the M240B features a black paint scheme.

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However the M240B also suffers from having one of the highest vertical recoils of any automatic weapon in Battlefield 4, alongside with the highest spread increase per shot, making sustained bursts without making use of a bipod a less viable option than most other LMG's. Any insights would be welcome! It is one of the high-damage, moderate rate of fire, high-recoil medium machine guns, alongside the M60 and the, more-or-less faction-opposite, PKP Pecheneg ; by default it possesses a 100-round belt of ammunition.

Unlock the SAW.