How to rough up your voice

Just remember that it takes work, and most importantly, care for your voice.

how to rough up your voice

Sing within your vocal range. When you sing, your vocal chords vibrate. Good posture will help you maintain a deep and authoritative voice. Notice if you are breathing in through your mouth or through your nose.

Being a rock star requires excellent vocal health if you plan to keep singing. Warnings If you continue to use your voice or scream or shout or whisper while your throat is burning, callouses and little lumps will form on your vocal chords and cause damage to your voice box.

how to rough up your voice

Get a cold. Understanding how the voice works, and taking use of theory, imagery, psychology, practice techniques, and more, can be incredibly helpful.

How to growl, grunt and scream WITHOUT trashing your voice – Part 1

She has lectured at international voice conferences and is a published author in the scientific Journal of Voice. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

how to rough up your voice

My name is Annika, and my work is about enabling artistry. Yes No I need help 8 Stay hydrated to preserve that voice box, and do not overexert your voice.

If you sing using the steps above, do not sing loudly.

how to rough up your voice

Yes No I need help 6 As you grow older, your voice will not only deepen, but you will find it easier to make a rough voice like the "Boss" Springsteen. Yes No I need help 7 Warm up your vocal cords by singing a few easy notes prior to singing with a raspy voice.

Get a Rough Voice Like Bruce Springsteen

Yell a lot. My voice sounds okay but I want to make it deeper, husky rough and manly. The sound has to be designed to fit your personal preferences artistically so there is no one size fits all for this. Let the audio engineer just turn up your microphone's amplitude from the control room.