How to play 2-1-2 defense basketball position

How to Master the 2-1-2 Zone Defense

Now, I am working with a Chinese school''s outdoor basketball program. If a player slides into the high post, Player 3 denies that pass.

how to play 2-1-2 defense basketball position

I have chosen to run man defensive but every other team in the league runs zone. Or the offense may have a couple of outstanding players too quick to defend individually. Bill S. Become a Contributing Expert.

2-1-2 Zone Defence

He can vary this defense by using three players man-to-man out front with a two-man zone in back; or he can have the front play zone while the back line plays man to man. You just don't have to move very much because you only have a small area to cover.

When the basketball is on their wing, the wing defender guards the basketball. They should always play behind and be close to the ring.

how to play 2-1-2 defense basketball position

What is the best half court defense to get into when running a full court zone press? If either of the 3 players being zoned is a good three-point shooter.

how to play 2-1-2 defense basketball position

It now becomes the responsibility of the weak-side wing player to deny the high post since the top defender is near the low block. This defense has three weaknesses: The only drawback to this is that we leave a big gap that cutters can get to and get open shots. At the youth level you can win a lot of games playing zones because of the inability to shoot the ball well. Defensive player 5 is preventing an easy pass into the high post and defensive player 4 is looking to intercept a possible skip pass to offensive 4.

And, no, I don't run the zone because I'm trying to win games.

1-2-2 Zone Defense – Complete Coaching Guide

I want to teach the boys the right skills, but I think they need to get some confidence and like the game first. Move quickly, adjust your position relative to the movement of the ball.

how to play 2-1-2 defense basketball position

Jim says: Ken says: By denying the high post with the top defender, the wing defenders can deny the pass around the perimeter. The couldn't solve it...