How many calories in kahlua especial

If you're concerned about your sugar intake, you do have choices. Resources 2 Food Network: Both the Original Kahula and Especial contain about 53 calories per ounce, while the French Vanilla contains twice that, at about 103 calories. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.


Mai Tai from California Pizza Kitchen. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for flavor. Most of these carbohydrates are from the sugarcane and other flavoring ingredients used to make Kahlua.

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Low Sugar Liquors

Use fresh squeezed juices in all your drinks that call for juice; juice concentrates or juice cocktails may contain added sugar, while 100 percent juice contains only natural sugars.

Distilled Spirit Diabetes. Your body uses acetate instead of fat for fuel, decreasing your ability to lose weight. Liqueur Drinks Mixer: Each of these contains its own flavoring ingredients influencing the overall calorie content. A glass of kahlua with ice at the bar. But that doesn't mean you can drink with abandon; spirits still contain calories from the alcohol, which provides 7 calories per gram. On the higher end of the spectrum are liqueurs such as Galliano herbal liqueur and Kahlua coffee liqueur, both of which contain 11 grams of sugar per ounce.

Lay Off Liqueurs Liqueurs are made by mixing alcohol and sugar. Product List. References 10 Encyclopaedia Britannica: Kahlua Liquor Calories Robin Wasserman. Wasserman earned her Doctor of Philosophy in biochemistry and molecular biology, graduating from Harvard University in 1995. Liqueurs are made by mixing alcohol and sugar. During distillation, all the sugars are removed from the liquor, which means that these common liquors are sugar-free.

They range in sweetness and in sugar content, but most are very high in sugar. Flavors Drinks Mixer: Some examples of liqueurs on the lower end of the sugar spectrum include amaretto, with 3 grams per ounce, and Bailey's Irish Cream, with 6 grams per ounce.

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