How to read people on sight word

While now we realise we can't judge a person on their body, many of the ways that they describe the personality traits are still very similar to what I've read in other influence books.

how to read people on sight word

For example, NJoy started showing me he was ready for sight words at the age of three. Although not a substitute for the critical skill of being able to decode unfamiliar words referred to as word identification , recognizing some words automatically, or on sight, contributes to reading effortlessly and with understanding McArthur et al.

With that said I can identify which type I can be least closely linked with, 'the fat man' although even some of those traits I can relate to ie liking comfort sometimes, etc but the other 4 I'm almost equal proportions of. I was hoping to get some of your awesome freebies.

how to read people on sight word

Elsie Benedict seemed to have overlooked MY type. Trackbacks […] of my favorite posts has got to be my Sight Word post. Really, I tried going into this book with an open mind.

how to read people on sight word

The following are additional tips for teaching sight words: Lists with This Book. Details if other: It isn't wrong to do so, however refusing any additional input to the initial impressions means that we will only operate in the world with our pre- judgements and no hope for getting to the unique individual inside.

Comments You do an amazing job of helping parents teach their kids.

How to Analyze People on Sight

Reading Racetrack: Skip to main content. Learners with other reading differences, like dyslexia, may not fit into these categories so neatly. Thoroughly amusing, if not slightly racist with comments that smack of ignorance.

A comparison of two flashcard interventions for teaching sight words to early readers. Thanks for sharing what you have.

How to Analyze People on Sight by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict

International Kindergarten Union. A study of the vocabulary of children before entering the first grade.

how to read people on sight word

I'm sure if Elsie and Ralph were around today they'd write an even more compelling version with the benefits of modern science at thier disposal. Nov 08, 2013 Anthony M. Introduce new sight words in isolation i. If someone were to describe people like that now, there would be a lot of outrage. If you want a list of those words to help guide your efforts, here is the top 100 according to the American Heritage Word Frequency Book by John B.

Do not introduce two sight words that are similar or easily confused at the same time. Ayala, S.