Who will win the elections in venezuela

But the two main players are Nicolas Maduro and opposition candidate Henri Falcon.

Maduro’s Party Wins Venezuela's Local Elections

Workers at the Red Spots said that there was no effort to pressure voters or link a pro-Maduro vote to future food deliveries.

Insufficient investments, US sanctions, and the plunge in global oil prices have hammered the oil industry. Russian-Saudi relations could be very different today, if Stalin hadn't killed the Soviet ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The main opposition coalition has decided to boycott the elections. A woman waiting outside a polling station in a Caracas slum, La Vega, said she worked for a government agency and feared losing her job if she did not vote and report afterward at the Red Spot.

VOA News. Sign up for our Newsletter. Others asked if the opposition might have missed a chance to displace Mr. Pence repeats 'all options on the table' for Venezuela.

who will win the elections in venezuela

VOA News Subscribe. Now, she eeks out a living selling tiny bags of sugar and coffee on a Valencia street corner. Military strength and arsenal.

Venezuela elections 2018: A look at the key points

See comments Print. The opposition has taken this argument overseas, convincing the United States, the European Union and several Latin American countries to denounce the balloting as a sham. Key points Candidates What is the opposition saying?

who will win the elections in venezuela

Here is what we know: Maduro stated he had followed Chavez's legacy, adding: The government has support across different sectors; according to various estimates, about a quarter of eligible voters continue to support Maduro's political ideology and policies. Many citizens are choosing to leave the country. But the coalition faced internal division between those who think that taking part in this election would legitimise Maduro's rule and those who believe that participation is an opportunity for change.

who will win the elections in venezuela

Zarif's sudden offer to resign rattles Iran. Those allowed on the ballot are two lesser-known figures: The local elections in Venezuela come amid an economic crisis that has rocked the oil-rich country after two decades of socialist rule. Reuse this content.