Who are the kia hamsters actors oneill

They succeeded by challenging the status quo every step of the way, from offering an industry-leading warranty and world-class design to marketing hip-hop dancing hamsters.

who are the kia hamsters actors oneill

They have given it their all to help us get to this point. These people believe in what they are doing and have a true sense of pride for where they live. Do you expect people will react to the spot through a political lens—of American vs.

The beauty of this campaign is that it is so honest and real and speaks directly to the heart. This is the launch of the new Kia brand direction and tagline. Sign Up for the Daily Museletter. We have a real opportunity to shift the course from just making ads to inspiring people and brands to embrace their core truth and go all in. And they have, year after year; they've demonstrated this by trying harder, working smarter, building better cars and giving it everything in all that they do.

That was vital for a project like this, which is about a community and its journey. Like anything, we started with a filter for authenticity. In fact, "Give It Everything" is an homage to all the great unknowns out there. We wanted their stories.

Why now? The Avis-esque line "Give It Everything," which will become the brand's new positioning, is meant to embrace Kia's challenger brand status. When we sat down and talked to these people, we got a sense of who they are and what they would be like on camera. The beautiful drawn sketches of the West Point residents portrays them as the "Great Unknowns," who'll never be famous but who find meaning in their hard work and perseverance.

From its days as a thriving mill town to a near ghost town as industry went overseas. Sound Design Company: And we wanted to go even further by taking the money we would have spent on a celebrity and creating The Great Unknowns Scholarship to provide eligible students who embody the "Give It Everything" spirit with an opportunity to pursue their academic dreams.

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Executive Producer Stacy Kessler Producer. Since day one, Kia has always stood for the little guy. And if there's one thing I've learned over the years about this scrappy challenger brand, it's that they've never backed down from a challenge.

Editorial Company: It's part of the movement signifying Kia's long term commitment to education.

who are the kia hamsters actors oneill

And there's no better place to honor the underdog than the Super Bowl. This is very different from what Kia has done in the past with lighthearted celebrity endorsements. They've had to work harder, be more nimble despite being outspent by the competition.

who are the kia hamsters actors oneill

Our hope and belief is that "Give It Everything" is something everyone can relate to, can feel deep within them, can rally around.