Safeway bakery cake fillings wholesale

All Rights Reserved. I also prefer fruit or custard or fruit and custard pies.

safeway bakery cake fillings wholesale

The one problem we had was the whipped cream. I thought it was futile, but once again my 6-yo proved to be smarter than her mother. Nope, not for me.

safeway bakery cake fillings wholesale

If you want something more personalized, Safeway can create custom sheet cakes and round cakes to meet your requests. Later in my high school years I became obsessed with cars and motorcycles sportbikes.

Love Safeway, cakes for every occasion… always from Safeway.

Safeway Birthday Cake

But as some of the other people said, I would not buy a frozen decorated cake either No Offense we can buy those from Walmart, BJ's etc. Kim is a wonderful florist and will go back anytime I need flowers.

safeway bakery cake fillings wholesale

While we do not license home bakers, the Department of Agriculture does. I also make Flan a lot.

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She was professional, prompt, friendly, calm in demeanor and very sweet. Sort by: However, Safeway also offers much more elaborate cakes if customers are willing to pay more. Pin It on Pinterest.

safeway bakery cake fillings wholesale

I can not afford to build out my basement at this time... Also, I got my groom's cake there as well. Overall great experience and very inexpensive in comparison.

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We are sorry you had a bad experience. August 30, 2009 at 5: GFS sells baked, frozen cakes, un-iced. It was delicous. Thank you for your feedback. Many people use fillings which they purchase premade.....