How to make a homemade smartphone projector

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The basic parts list is as follows. That's an excellent project - I don't really have much use for it, but I'm definitely going to try to build one myself!

how to make a homemade smartphone projector

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Build a Smartphone Projector With a Shoebox

The screens themselves are sent signals to allow just so much of the light through at specific pixel locations. LCD is the older technology, but this does not mean that it is becoming obsolete by any means.

how to make a homemade smartphone projector

The way this places an image on a screen is fascinating and not nearly as complex as you might imagine. The hole should be the size of the lens.

DIY Smartphone Projector

By doing this I actually gained a couple of meters in usability. I did this to the entirety of the smaller box and the rear section of the larger box. I got it now that how it can be used: Add a comment. Yup it definitely makes sense as a rainy day project, especially as the dull light will make it easier to see your projections though waiting till dark is best.

I wasn't able to find any free alternatives, so if anyone knows of one be sure to let us know in the comments below.

how to make a homemade smartphone projector

You're spreading out all the light emitted from a tiny screen onto a surface that has MUCH more surface area. Most of my new videos will be made as brief and detailed as possible.

Every week, I'll be posting new and random projects. This time the light is shined through a spinning color wheel onto a chip that is mounted with hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors.

Easy DIYs To Do When You're Bored: DIY Smartphone Projector (Tutorial)

I also tried some safari images from a recent trip to South Africa, but video gave me the best results. I'm not entirely sure - the first place I checked had only a large magnifying glass so I grabbed it and it seemed to work pretty well.

how to make a homemade smartphone projector