Fog machine how it works

It is otherwise referred to as the piston pump which is used to transfer the fog juice from the machine tank to a heat exchanger. Fog and haze machines currently in our rental inventory.

How do fog machines work?

Your fog machine should now be able to make fog. Nitrogen is the primary component of air and is non-toxic. I Made It!

fog machine how it works

Fog effects are used in a wide range of applications including parties, dance clubs, Halloween haunted houses, popular music performances, Nutcracker ballets, Shakespearean dramas, horror films, fire safety training, and industrial testing applications. Some of the chemicals that can be used for this type of smoke are flammable.

fog machine how it works

When the heat exchanger reaches the maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it reduces the liquid substance into a vapor. This can present a respiratory hazard low to ground or downstairs, if applicable , in enclosed spaces, or with large quantities of dry ice.

fog machine unboxing and demo

However, we will warn you that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Unscrew the lid of the fog tank, and fill the tank up approximately halfway with fog fluid. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 1 comments.

Dry ice fog sinks to the floor. Remember that use of dry ice increases the level of carbon dioxide in the air where it is used.

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Dry Ice: Dry ice is dropped into warm water where the frozen carbon dioxide dry ice sublimates into cold carbon dioxide gas which mixes with the humid air resulting in condensation and the formation of fog.

This a great Halloween decoration and is well documented! There are specific fluids designed for each fog machine to enable it to perform effectively. The fog machine pump plays an important role in the process of delivering the fog fluid. Also, all types of smoke generators will trigger smoke alarms.

fog machine how it works

Many machines are smaller than a typical microwave oven, quite portable and operate off a single 15amp electrical outlet. Updated March 16, 2018. Share Flipboard Email. Use a fog machine that vaporizes "fog juice" Use dry ice Invite lots of cigarette smokers.

How to Set Up a Fog Machine

Built inside it is a thermostat that regulates the temperature inside. If fresh hot water or steam isn't added, the remaining water will cool quickly. Very good to place in a base for covert operations before a battle starts! The fog machine can be made to create smoke effects by using Smoke cookies, smoke cartridges or other inflammable substances.

fog machine how it works

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide.