What to dip in salsa

40 Ways To Eat Salsa Without Tortilla Chips

Salsa can be a great shortcut to making healthy, delectable dishes. Mexican Meatloaf Got half a jar of salsa kicking around the fridge? Forgot your Password? You can also mix salsa with other condiments to increase their flavor and nutritional value; however, be careful to consider the calories and fat in the condiments you are adding the salsa to when determining if it is a healthy choice for your diet.

Your imagination is the limit when creating your own salsa. This gorgeous recipe brings them together beautifully. I like your idea of adding salsa to chili. This bright, delicious recipe introduces Asian and Hawaiian flavours to the mighty hot dog.

10 creative ways to use salsa

Because of its bold flavor, salsa can replace fattier additions to recipes, such as butter or oil to reduce calories and fat in the dish. BB code is On. Serious Heat: And speaking of eggs, let's not forget Mr Omelet! I swear it tastes bitter to me. I love to make homemade salsa but most of the chips I've found are like 130 for 8 chips!!

San Antonio, TX Posts: I also like salsa on my eggs... Kale crisps up beautifully in the oven, and makes a great alternative to tortilla chips.

what to dip in salsa

Move over tortilla! Mexican Pizza While this Taco Bell-inspired pizza uses a tortilla as a base, it could easily be subbed in with traditional pizza dough. Fried Pork Skin in Green Sauce Chicharron en salsa verde, pork crackling in green salsa is often served at breakfast, but there's no reason you couldn't make this recipe for dinner tonight.

what to dip in salsa

View Mobile Site. Heavy cream rounds out the flavours of this delicious, quick salsa-based soup.

what to dip in salsa