Novelties wholesale fake money

Cool black-light effects Many also come with a certificate of authenticity.

novelties wholesale fake money

For the best value check out the sets! These are bills that feature various places within the Universe.

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They have been priced lower than any other bills on our site. These are bills may include any type of bill we have decided no longer stock.

Play Money Paper Bills

Both supportive and satirical political bills are included in this category. For anyone interested in purchasing larger quantities we have competitive pricing for Lots of 500 or purchasing multiple lots of 100 Bills.

novelties wholesale fake money

Each set contains one of each bill listed in that set. These are bills may include any type of bill we choose to offer special pricing.

1000 Pack of Play Money Bills - $50 Bills

Pictured below is one of the sheets available in this category. These bills are also included in the appropriate category below. KADS88 has been our ebay name for almost 20 years and represents our family owned company. Bills to honor those who protect and serve our great nation. This category commemorates a wide variety historical events.

novelties wholesale fake money

Pictured below are just a few items in this category. All of the bills are the same size as US Currency.

1000 Pack of Play Money Bills $100 Bills

Look back at US History and remember all of the leaders of our great country! Not only traditional holidays we also have included special occasions people celebrate in this category.. There is something for anyone you can think of!! Once these bills are gone they are GONE!

All of the sheets are individually number and signed.

novelties wholesale fake money

We intend to include some seasonal items for Holidays along with other bills. From household pets to endangered species this category includes many living creastures..