How to counsel a patient

10 Behaviors of Effective Counselors

Rantucci, M. It is also important for the patient to understand the consequences of nonadherence.

how to counsel a patient

The pharmacist? I realize that patients have the alternative to "opt-out" of a counseling session with their pharmacist; however, it is my opinion that this practice should be strongly discouraged by the pharmacist filling the prescriptions.

Although every pharmacist implements individualized techniques to counsel patients, various skills are vital to successful pharmacist? Ohio Updates Its Technician Regulations. Yes, filling prescriptions accurately and expeditiously is paramount to the community pharmacy profession; however, assuring that the patient understands the therapy is just as critical.

how to counsel a patient

An acknowledgment response such as nodding occurs during passive listening and alerts the patient that the pharmacist is indeed listening. When posing questions to the patient, pharmacists also should state the reason for asking certain questions, so as not to offend the patient. Prepare and succeed on your medical exams. There should be no pillows, loose bedding, or blankets in the crib.

Steve Leuck, PharmD, has been practicing both hospital and community pharmacy for over 30 years.

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Increased health literacy means better outcomes. ASHP Web site. Clinicians should not encourage the patient to leave their relationship but should support them if they come to that decision on their own.

Pharmacists Talking With Their Patients: Pharmacy Focuses on Family, Technology. Are there any other medication specific cautions or precautions that should be discussed? A set of strategies for reducing feelings of isolation, frustration, and hopelessness that can be present in patients with chronic diseases: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; 2006: During the course of a pharmacist?

Process of providing information, advice, and assistance to patients to improve their health, treatment adherence, and quality of life Patient-centered approach Focuses on open communication between the patient and the provider, shared decision-making , and a shared goal of alleviating discomfort for the patient.

Clinicians should have contact information for the patient's caretaker or next of kin , who should be advised to determine whether the patient is adequately handling finances, medications, and other responsibilities. Provide feedback regarding the patient's drug consumption.

how to counsel a patient

Today many pharmacies are equipped with special counseling areas to address privacy issues. When initiating a patient counseling session, pharmacists should introduce themselves with a brief, friendly greeting to make patients feel comfortable enough to ask questions about their medication therapies and health conditions. Communicate Verbally Pharmacists can encourage dialogue by asking questions. For example, when counseling a patient with diabetes, in addition to teaching the patient about medications, the pharmacist can stress the importance of maintaining tight glycemic control to decrease or prevent the complications associated with diabetes.

Show Empathy and Encouragement When a pharmacist displays empathy and encouragement, a patient may feel more comfortable discussing his or her medical condition and medication use, thus enabling the pharmacist to obtain pertinent information on the patient? I have developed a simple acronym that helps keep me focused while providing a patient medication counseling session.