How hard is fantasie impromptu to play

Which piece in his Op.

how hard is fantasie impromptu to play

Nov 2004 Posts: How should I practice this difficult piano piece? Chopin composed a very similar piece in his Op. For ease of movement, bring the thumb into the palm of the hand as you play each descending pattern, so that there is no stretching and no tension. I'm not even going to try to argue if it's appropriate after 3 months, or even possible..

There are two ways of choreographing, and I will outline both of these: The Spinning Arm. Forum Statistics.

how hard is fantasie impromptu to play

Weighted keyboards will work but it's preferred to use an actual piano, so this way you don't develop a habit of always having unweighted keys. There's a very informative thread here http: If you say this is very easy to it that should give you the idea.

how hard is fantasie impromptu to play

It's not as dificult as first seems. If you have the facilities, record your progress and let us listen to it. Send Private Message.

how hard is fantasie impromptu to play

Then put it on the shelf for a while, then come back to it. Wow, that's quite a jump in skill! Hi Brian. Alternatively, speed way up before you combine the hands.

This is an elegant piece, not a show off piece. Home Help Search. The other answers have already covered the things you need. Use this section as a rest period but remember, there are occasional trills. From slow to fast. As I recall there's some evidence an extant private copy that he actually composed this piece on commission and considered it the exclusive property of the individual who paid him and therefore no longer his to publish.

The Fantasie-Impromptu: Some Ideas (Part One)

There are quite a few simplified ones. Originally Posted by -Frycek. Jun 2006 Posts: Visit site.