Howland reed high septon howland

This "Game of Thrones" theory suggests this important character been hiding in plain sight

Meera also has her hair tied with a knot behind her head. The Faith acquires more power and influence in Kings Landing. The people, along with many nobles like Lancel Lannister , other Hedge Knights and Sellswords eventually join them as their grasp becomes firmer in the Capital.

howland reed high septon howland

Even more so, considering his two children are roaming Beyond the Wall and could very well both be dead for all he knows. Once in Power, the Faith Militant, under the orders of High Sparrow, clean Kings Landing of all the brothels, shops and temples of other faiths. Read More. But, we did see something else, or someone else, who has never been seen before on Game of Thrones: In a saga full of hidden parentage, it makes sense for others to have hidden agendas, too.

Game of Thrones 5x06 - Petyr Baelish returns to King's Landing & meets with Cersei

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howland reed high septon howland

That battle may be one of the key events in the entire storyline, and Howland Reed is the only man alive to have witnessed it. Sign up. The Hints would have to come from the books.

A 'Game of Thrones' Fan Theory Suggests Howland Reed is The High Sparrow

There have been 2 in the series so far until High Sparrow came to lead them. For 2 valid reasons: They were most dominant before the Targaryen Dynasty took over Westeros. George R.

howland reed high septon howland

His training with the Three Eyed Raven and his visions of the Past through the Weirwood trees would cover that reveal for the story. The evidence to support this has been gently sprinkled throughout the series and also the books.

The leader of the Faith is the High Septon. Maybe not. Once the Lannisters have been eradicated Tywin is dead, Cersei is losing her mind, Jaime is in Riverrun with most of the Lannister troops , High Sparrow could eventually make a move towards the Iron Throne and holding power.

howland reed high septon howland

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