How to solo sha of fear

How large is the regen for non mana dps classes?

Sha of Fear Detailed Strategy Guide (Heroic Mode included)

Overall, the most important thing here is to make sure those Phase 2 adds die as fast as possible. The Valarjar. Most recently they did archimonde HC!! Comment by Tawko The Sha of Fear's model has been re-textured to strike more fear into you.

how to solo sha of fear

While its difficulty is not great at the start, as the number of Dread Spawns increases with each new Submerge , the difficulty also increases. The Klaxxi.

Elemental Bonds. Champion of the Light. Therefore, the person with the light buff needs to pass it to someone who is farther away from the add using the Transfer Light extra action button that will appear on their screen, preferably a healer or a ranged DPS, so that they can continue healing or killing the add even while keeping their distance from it.

You can even use 4 tanks, which gives you more time to kill the Terrace Guardians.

Sha of Fear

On the main platform, in addition to attacking the Sha of Fear, the raid will have to make good use of the Wall of Light , a safe zone activated by the tank being standing in the right place, and deal with adds that the Sha of Fear spawn at random places on the platform. This makes it easier to AoE and cleave the adds.

how to solo sha of fear

Whenever the boss casts Ominous Cackle every 90 seconds in 10-man, and every 45 seconds in 25-man , a group of 5 randomly chosen raid members will be sent to a platform adjacent to the main platform, where they will fight a Terrace Guardian. Who better to help seal away the Sha?

When the adds are all close to the player who is in the center of the Dread Expanse, this player should cast Transfer Light on one of the other two players, and this player can then do the same when the adds get too close. Faction Reputations.

how to solo sha of fear

While we have outlined this above, it does not hurt to re-state the two tasks of tanks in this phase with more clarity. The other two raid members should be located some distance away from him.

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Siege of Orgrimmar. For 25-man raids, three players should form a triangle position. It hungers. Order of the Awakened. Unholy PvP. We will first look at what must be done on the main platform, after which we will discuss what must be done on the adjacent platforms.