How to renew medical card in illinois

Registered qualifying patients have the option to extend their registry card for one year or two years.

how to renew medical card in illinois

No matter your level of comfort or knowledge of medical cannabis, we can help answer your questions. Illinois Diabetes Prevention and Control Program.

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Extending Your Registry Card

To be clear, registry cards cannot be renewed online. Medical Marijuana Information.

how to renew medical card in illinois

At the end of each three-year period, you will be required to renew your registry identification card and submit new documentation, including, but not limited to a physician certification, photo, etc.

Once you receive the letter from IDPH indicating you are able to extend your registry card, you must complete the extension on-line at https: We're guided by truth, every step of the way, so you can truly live your life.

Those who receive SSDI qualify for reduced renewal fees, and the renewal form states that those who initially applied without these discounts can pay discounted renewal fees if they submit proof they receive SSDI other than a cost of living increase with their renewal application.

how to renew medical card in illinois

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Questions illinois. Learn More. Caregiver information will be included on the extension form that is sent to you. You may choose to extend your registry card by selecting a one-year card or a two-year card:.

Understanding How To Renew Your Medical Cannabis Registry Card

What if I already have a card? A patient who is a Veteran and a medical cannabis patient, but does not have their Veteran status registered with the IDPH, will not be eligible for reduced renewal fees. Sign up for our newsletter. Step 1: A Cold or the Flu?