Guys who play hockey tumblr

24 Reasons Why Hockey Players Are Actually Big, Cuddly Sweethearts

Sue him if he uses that notoriety to score Leafs tickets. Too distracting.

guys who play hockey tumblr

This video includes: Auston is a big fan of charities, has put in plenty of time at Sick Kids Hospital since moving to Toronto that the media at large is completely unaware of. Grid View List View.

guys who play hockey tumblr

And, well. Auston is a desert boy at heart, but he catches on quickly to the absolute phenomenon that is Toronto hockey. Most recent Most popular Most recent. So I just gave a ride downtown to this guy.

guys who play hockey tumblr

Show more notes. WSH vs. Who needs models when you have hockey players? Those photos make me want model au.....

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A fashion show, a cute Southerner as a model, and a clueless hockey player who falls and falls hard at first sight. He sees enough men dressed to the nines in magazine spreads and on runways. He thinks he deserves a drink and a chance to drop the camera-ready smile for a few seconds. Show more notes.

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Keep reading. Too much yelling. Auston shakes his hand, anyway.

guys who play hockey tumblr

I want you to know I agonized over this one. Jealousy was a big one though.

guys who play hockey tumblr

Not at first.