1 whole wheat english muffin

First, choose a whole grain variety. The toppings are much more likely to affect your waistline than the bread. Most packages are not resealable, so manufacturers suggest using a closable plastic bag to wrap the bread product after opening.

English muffins provide a small boost of protein, with about four grams of the macronutrient per whole muffin. The cellophane wrapper used by popular English muffin brands can make storage a hassle. English muffins are not a significant source of vitamins or minerals.

Fiber provides several health benefits, but it is especially helpful if you are trying to watch your waistline because it helps to keep you full for a longer period of time after eating. Article Milk Nutrition Facts: Many health-conscious eaters choose English muffins with their healthy morning meal because they think it's a more nutritious choice than bread.

However, you will get small amounts of thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.

Calories, Carbs, and Health Benefits. English muffins can be frozen. There is also no sugar in the bread product.

1 whole wheat english muffin

The estimated glycemic index of an English muffin is estimated to be about 70 unless you get a whole grain variety. So are English muffins healthier?

You'll also benefit from small amounts of manganese and phosphorus. Whole grain muffins weigh in at a glycemic index of about 45. Please try again. A single slice of white bread provides about 70 calories, 2 grams of protein, 13 grams of carbohydrate, one gram of fat and about one gram of dietary fiber.

1 whole wheat english muffin

The calories are about the same, but there are some ways that you can make an English muffin a smart choice no matter when you choose to eat it. There was an error.

English Muffin Nutrition Facts

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1 whole wheat english muffin