How to draw a dolphin in watercolor

Stock Photo - Color drawing: two dolphins on a wave. Watercolor pencils

In deeper areas of shadow, I apply more blue and indigo. Buy from an Online Retailer.

how to draw a dolphin in watercolor

I use a diluted green for the underside and introduce a very subtle and watery mixture of indigo and lake red along the jawline and around the flipper. Then I peel away the masking fluid from the flippers to reveal the highlights. Then I wet the entire dolphin shape and add a wash of alizarin crimson, lemon yellow, turquoise, and ultramarine blue.

When I turned 11, I experienced the happiest birthday of my life when my dad took me to the zoo to spend a special night next to the bottle-nosed dolphin tank. If you have any comments on this article please contact us or get in touch via social media.

Painting Dolphins in Watercolor

Step 1 After lightly sketching the dolphins on watercolor paper, I carefully apply masking fluid to the borders of my airborne dolphin and the splashing areas in the surface waters. See how to qualify. I combined three dolphins in a sketch that capture both their mastery of the water and air, where they exercise their amazing acrobatics. Finally, where I think I painted away too much of the white, I brush in white gouache paint to return the color.

When the fluid is dry, I repeat the washes from the last step, creating darker blues on the left side and transitioning to lighter greens and yellows as I move to the right.

I then apply a wash of cobalt blue and cobalt green to the dolphin, running through the middle of the dolphin and up its tail and dorsal fin.

how to draw a dolphin in watercolor

While the wash is still wet, I use a large flat brush to apply watery lemon yellow to the underside of the wave. Step 8 Lastly, I trace along the mouths with indigo to give the jawlines distinction and to create the eyes. In the darker shadows, I dilute a mixture of turquoise and indigo to create light blues in the middle of splashes, and I mix lemon yellow with the blues to create some warm highlights.

how to draw a dolphin in watercolor

To create the water wash, I paint the entire area directly over the submerged dolphins with a diluted cobalt green mixed with a little turquoise. The leaping dolphin has more eye detail, so I use a fine-liner brush to paint the curved lines above the eye in burnt sienna and the eyelids under the eye in ultramarine blue.

how to draw a dolphin in watercolor

To deepen this effect, I use a large round brush to dab in more blue at the top edges and let that dilute downward as well. Related Books. Then, with a round pointed brush saturated in ultramarine blue, I create lazy swoops and teardrop shapes that angle downward to the right.

Step 3 I lightly brush a thin layer of water over the underside of the waves.