When is taylor swifts next album 2014

The new Taylor Swift CD the most patently inoffensive gift one can think to purchase. Four of Swift's five albums have been released in October, the only exception being Fearless, her second, which was released on November 11.

when is taylor swifts next album 2014

This 2014's new album Taylor Swift as again in the process of rebranding herself into the person who is more mature and wise. Why does the pop star only release albums in late October or early November? Fans also noticed that every time Swift praised a song on Instagram she shared a screenshot of the song at the 13 second mark.

Taylor Swift's Next Album Could Be Coming Before the End of 2019

Swift is a master of PR and publicity, so of course she'll be making the most of this one. Grammy voters love Swift. The 30 Highest-Paid Actors in the World. Now this theory doesn't contain a 13, but it's still pretty interesting. Rolling Stone wrote: Please refresh the page and retry. My details.

Taylor Swift announces new album details and single Shake It Off

Madaline Garcia Releases New Single. Because it works. It's perfect: It will probably be nominated for several major awards then.

when is taylor swifts next album 2014

Well, aside from those Swift is also an expert when it comes to putting her name into the limelight. As she prepared to wrap up the world tour for 2012's Red , Swift performed at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony and stole the night without taking home a single trophy.

when is taylor swifts next album 2014

It was a year of power moves for Swift, in which she backed herself with a rotating but loyal girl gang. Performing "Blank Space," she murdered her many on-stage boyfriends and set roses on fire.

Since then, she has paid closer attention to the fall calendar than a fourth-grade teacher: Thank you for your support. Receiving plenty of critical acclaim , 1989 was a fantastic quarter-life album and includes everything from an ode to her new city "Welcome to New York" to the last laugh at every rumor or insult catapulted at her in the nearly 10 years she's been in the public eye "Blank Space".

when is taylor swifts next album 2014

It's pretty cool," Warren shared. Swift is very superstitious. It was a strong finish to an album cycle that had highlighted more pop-friendly tunes like "We Are Never Getting Back Together" three weeks at Number One and "I Knew You Were Trouble," serving as a gentle reminder of the multitudes both Taylor Swift and her music contain.

Where The Bluegrass Grows".