What do london taxi drivers earn

Black-cab drivers are a powerful lobby group.

what do london taxi drivers earn

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Black-cab drivers

Created in 1865 for horse-drawn carriages, the Knowledge has survived the automobile and London's explosive growth into a global city. Search titles only. Many drivers actually enjoy meeting all the different people who get in and out of their cabs all day.

Mark Taylor Mark Taylor has been a black-cab driver for 15 years, but has just about had enough.

what do london taxi drivers earn

Advantages Relative freedom. Hogster Well-Known Member. Passing this test enables the driver to select from one of the nine suburban sectors in the city of London. What will the changes mean for them? Learner said: Though cabbies and Knowledge students occasionally use GPS and paper maps as a reference tool, their minds become their ultimate guides. UK Transfers Taxi Driver 5 salaries. Special Reports: No two days are ever the same for London cabbies, they just never know who is going to be climbing into the back of their cabs.

London's 40,000 minicab drivers are going to have their act cleaned up. Before anyone is allowed to drive one of the famous London black cabs they will need to pass a test known commonly as The Taxi Knowledge or London Knowledge. Costly training. Search forums.


Getting there is never the problem, but the more information a taxi driver has, the better. There are two types of licence which a taxi driver can apply for; the first is a yellow badge or suburban licence. Anyone can access a GPS device to get around, and though they also ply London streets performing a similar job, Uber drivers don't have to learn the Knowledge to earn a license they only have to pass a less stringent map reading test.

When working for yourself the best thing you can do for your business is advertise; make people aware of your services. Now most of these black cab people are liars and just dangerous criminals on the road. Cookies help us deliver our services.

For London cabbies battling Uber, the map is in the mind

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Drivers would point out, however, that the human mind is still best at dealing with congestion, roadworks and so on. Taxi drivers meet people from all walks of life, the rich and famous, arguing couples and tourists who always have a question or two that they would like answering.

what do london taxi drivers earn