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Air commuters leave traffic jams behind

Station Inn: Things to do in Nashville before and after Eagles game. Lawyer enters not guilty plea for R. OK, let's start the tour: The hallowed venue known as the Mother Church of Country Music originally was a church — that will hit home when you take a seat on a wooden pew. Extra-wide streets let planes and cars can share the road. Cash Back Cards. No wonder over a hundred of these airpark communities are popping up acorss the country.

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Philadelphians traveling to Nashville, your mission is to check out the Music City outpost of the music, food, and beverage chain City Winery coming soon to Fashion District Philadelphia, the new updated version of East Market Street's Gallery mall. Sign Up Morning Newsletter. Air commuters leave traffic jams behind Communities for flyers offer garage hangars, extra wide streets Below: Ernest Tubb Record Shop. His 160-mile commute each way from the Sierra Foothills to his Silicon Valley engineering job is a 2-and-a-half hour one-way commute by car.

Rather than chase after big names, seek out the intimate spaces where world-class pickers and singers hone their craft. Is he now canceled too? There's a mother lode of country history to explore in a town that makes music central to its identity.

But there are non-country options, too, my wayward son: On Sunday, funk master George Clinton plays the Cowan, a new venue that's attached to Topgolf, the driving-range entertainment chain. Kansas plays on Saturday and Joan Baez on Sunday.

The Grand Ole Opry was headquartered here from 1943 to 1974, and after falling on hard times, the Ryman got back into action as a full-service venue in the 1990s. Land cost much less, and he got three times the house for less than half the price.

Garages are hangars instead, or you can park your plane outside.