What is a web 2.0 presentation

what is a web 2.0 presentation

Mature and established Educational Technology Standards for Students tools will usually be more reliable in terms of ISTE, 2007 include standards for 1 creativity functioning features and availability. Accessibility The tool meets the accessibility needs of my students Yes No and fits within school policies for accessibility.

what is a web 2.0 presentation

This instrument is fairly generic and could be used Ease of Use and Technical Compatibility can to select other Web 2. Click here to sign up. Hodges, Ph. He can be reached 2009 Edition. Templates Does the program provide background templates?

what is a web 2.0 presentation

Emprssr http: The tools and add them to your own list. Multimedia Presentation. Nice effects. Accessibility to include them in the selection process, enabling and Security will take some more effort. Pages Images and files. Smith, A.

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Insert a link to a new page. Can you import from online photo sites like Flickr? If you listed in Table 1. Recent Activity. Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access.

Next-Generation Presentation Tools. Wikis and shared document SlideServe www.

Multimedia Presentation

Can you add narration to your slides from within the program? Insert image from URL Tip: The New Media Consortium, 2009. Remember me on this computer. Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading...

Hodges and Kenneth Clark Selecting a Web 2.

what is a web 2.0 presentation

Security The tool includes security features e. If you and innovation; 2 communication and are comfortable working with a system that collaboration; 3 research and information might have a few bugs or that might not exist fluency; 4 digital citizenship; and 5 tomorrow, then experiment with a newer tool.