How to install led tower lights

how to install led tower lights

Lights are gray when off to eliminate false indication. First, set your dip switch to set the appropriate position in the stack. To add an audible module, just remove the top cover and on the module turn dip switch 4 to ON and connect. Modules offer tremendous flexibility and can be customized as needed.

TL70 Modular Tower Light Installation Tutorial [Video]

Cancel Send. Segments for the TL70 Tower Light are available in a wide variety of single and multi-color modules as well as adjustable audible modules. The yellow module is the second one from the base, so turn dip switch 2 to ON. Big, bright tower lights come preassembled or as modular segments for customized indication. Combine up to 6 modules in one device. Support Video Library.

LED tower lights

Send Cancel. Use dip switches 7 and 8 to configure flash rate and audible. Don't show again. Sign in or create an account OK Don't show again. Push the segments together and twist to lock. To save permanently, please create an account. The green module is closest to the base so turn dip switch 1 to ON. The document will be available in your library until the end of your session.

how to install led tower lights

Adding an audible module or configuring lights to flash in the field is quick and simple. The TL70 is a modular tower light that is designed for simple configuration and installation. Recipient's Email Address.

how to install led tower lights

Segments for the TL70 tower light come in a variety of single color, multi-color, and audible modules. My Email Address. This video will show you how to set up your indicator.