How to get experience in minecraft pe

Breed them up, which gives you xp, then kill off some of the extras, more xp.

how to get experience in minecraft pe

Session is online. Also, destroying a spawner block when mining or defeating the head mob, the Enderdragon, provides an extensive number of points.


Log in or sign up in seconds. I play on PS4 and worried that they patched up that trick.

how to get experience in minecraft pe

There isn't a decent way to gain xp fast without some type of farm. The crops in turn can be used to breed animals.

Posts Quoted: Unlike the other ways of gaining XP points, smelting does not drop orbs which must be picked up.

How to Use the Xp Command in Minecraft

Mine for ore or quartz. Want to add to the discussion? So instead of having 0 levels left after an enchant, you have 27 left. That's why they exist. When broken, it releases orbs. Unfortunately, XP gains slows to a dramatic and absurd halt after 20.

Earning Minecraft Experience Points

Keep the controller plugged in, charging. Many players trap animals the first day and begin breeding on the second or third day. You also get a tiny bit more xp when you cook the meat in a furnace. So how can you quickly get these beautiful orbs?


Post a comment! If anyone could tell me a quick and easy way to get to level 30 that would be great. I tried building one of the Hermitcraft models and it didn't really work. Killing hostile mobs will drop orbs. Make a way down without dieing,punch the mob once and collect the xp.

how to get experience in minecraft pe

I think 23 at least XD. Breeding passive mobs is a significant part of Minecraft farming for a variety of reasons. Next Thread. Home Minecraft Forum Minecraft: Related Book Minecraft For Dummies.