Dunsley neutralizer how it works

How would I make sure that the flow is sucked through the DHW coil and not sucked up elsewhere, maybe from the Neutraliser?

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Any heat sources pump or gravity feed into the can. Pool chemicals...

dunsley neutralizer how it works

Show Ignored Content. February 06, 2009, 02: February 05, 2009, 07: Only downside is that running on wood only from cold, it takes a long while to heat up as it is not pumped gravity fed.

dunsley neutralizer how it works

Can I ask, have you contacted Dunsley and what was their thoughts? I'm assuming that of the two heat sources the OP has, one needs to be gravity run as I have.

That can use the indirect coil. Hand on heart I don't know the specifics or ther design side.


Help me sort out this little problem please guys, I have just fitted a neutralizer and every thing on the radiator side works fine but we can't get any hot water as for some reason the primary coil in the cylinder refuses to work under gravity.

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Dunsley Neutralizer Problems

I guess the CH pump is dragging the hot water out of the neutraliser, leaving only a minimal amount to syphon up the DHW coil. I'll draw it up and take a piccy and see if it all makes sense.

dunsley neutralizer how it works

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Dunsley Neutralizer ????

I would like to draw on your experience reguarding the neutralizer Some installers have success with them , some dont and resort to ripping them out. Evening Steve, You could simply convert from a gravity to a pumped DHW cylinder circuit - disconnect the gravity flow from the neutraliser and tee off the flow to the cylinder downstream of the CH pump and control a 2-port motorised zone valve on this circuit with a cylinder stat and two channel programmer along with the CH - like a S-plan system.

For a new system, you might want to consider a direct heatbank instead. Ash containers.

dunsley neutralizer how it works

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