Wonder what happened quotes

Albert Richards. With special rays we catch it ere flight So all may enjoy the beautiful sight. The tongue and fingers are governed by the same parts of the brain. Gardening isn't a hobby anymore.

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Seeing is in itself an art. We do a lot of looking: To look at a thing is very different from seeing a thing. They allow us to peer into bits and zones of Chaos. To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion - all in one. To wonder.

wonder what happened quotes

This source is called darkness.. One does not see anything until one sees its beauty. Your own inner intuition, however, is often your best teacher, but don't forget that Mother Nature will always have a few surprises up Her sleeve as well.

wonder what happened quotes

Door ajar, The eye reaches across from one Open window to another, eye to eye, And then the healing spaces of the sky...... If this is Paganism, then at present, at least, I am a Pagan. We feel grounded, centered, in touch with the ancient and eternal rhythms of life.

wonder what happened quotes

Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. They just feel it.

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Not be made right again. Travel them and be expert in home-cosmography.

wonder what happened quotes

Vision without action is a daydream. Nature composes some of her loveliest music for the microscope and telescope. Who looks inside, awakens. There are seven million. Dearly respect the lifestyle of worms.

Meditation is not to escape from society, but to come back to ourselves and see what is going on.

wonder what happened quotes

This source is called darkness... It can help you to focus, to remember, to see new patterns, to imagine, to be creative, to introspect, to empathically understand others, and to come to deep insights.