What causes cloudy eyes in saltwater fish

what causes cloudy eyes in saltwater fish

Last edited: No, create an account now. I don't know the rest of your story... Dietary deficiencies, such as lack of vitamin A, may contribute to poor fish eye health.

If you allow the cloudy eye to go untreated it can turn into pop-eye.

what causes cloudy eyes in saltwater fish

How fast this happens depends on the water chemistry of your local tap water, but with big fish, it tends to happen quickly. Improve the fish's diet see 1.

What Causes Cloudy Eyes In Aquarium Fish?

Open up a new thread and post photos of your fish, showing the eye up close, if you are unsure. Not Eating If you have brought new saltwater fish for your marine aquarium it can be normal for them to have a lack of appetite or none at all for the first couple of days settling in.

what causes cloudy eyes in saltwater fish

Filtration can be as simple as a sponge filter or external hang on the back filter. Another is the onset of cataracts in fish. Ok, it sounds like you have some major water quality issues here. Check your skimmer. So CA.

cloudy eye

Worn fins Frayed fins or red fins on fish are often caused by Ammonia burns. Through experience and experimentation in trying to treat many bacterial problems in saltwater I have come up with a procedure that is very effective, and will cure most common bacterial problems in marine fish. Just because you have other fishes that don't have one or more cloudy eyes, DO NOT draw any conclusions from this.

Ich is an invert.

Several things can cause cloudy eyes in aquarium fish. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. If you witness bloating or abdominal swelling, this could be a serious condition called Dropsy where an accumulation of fluids inside the fish body have built up and could lead to organ failure.

what causes cloudy eyes in saltwater fish

Please post all of your parameters in whatever tank you have your fish in. With this treatment procedure, I have been able to cure most marine fish, including a severe case of pop-eye in a Long-nose Butterflyfish Forcipiger flavissimus.

Cloudy Eye(s)

An open wound allows bacteria to enter the body of the fish and cause infection visibly present in the eye. Rock scratching When a fish scratches on rocks, it is a sign that the fish is irritated by an itch, usually a result of white spot or Ich as mentioned previously.

Raw spots Raw spots on a fish are infected open sores often caused by parasite infestation.

what causes cloudy eyes in saltwater fish