Fitear togo 334 specs howard

Bass has good weight and extension for an IEM, but it's not the quickest. From my experience, the sweet spot for me is around 2-3mm after the first bend of the ear canal where I get a good seal YMMV.

fitear togo 334 specs howard

OK, enough of that, more about the main event. Expensive as all get out, and pretty hard to pick up new outside of Asia due to the limited number of suppliers. Reply June 11, 2017 Berkhan. For other things, the TG334s include a decent amount of accessories such as extra tips, a Pelican hard case, a soft case which I didn't get in my example , and a cable clip. Worst case scenario: In fact, they are metal injection molded, a first for IEMs.

For instance PFE112 with only one transducer owns beautiful lush mids but the sound has no hi and low edges and the overall impression ends in bore.

FitEar TO GO! 334

Hard to say. Claritin is prescription-only, bring your own if you have allergies Springtime is crazy pollen.

fitear togo 334 specs howard

I've heard the K3003 and loved it, but would really like to hear the 334 before I pull the trigger. FitEar is a Japanese IEM company, whose products have gotten a lot of praise on head-fi for their sound and build quality. Click here to see cn11's full review...

FitEar ToGo 334

The signature is clearly miles away from monitoring yet pretty close to electrically flat , I see the 334 as a high quality, fun sounding IEM dedicated to enjoyment. Added to the already warm X3, bass becomes overwhelming. Search for: The top end has awesome tactile feel, with cymbals having a true palpability and shimmer.

Well just add a clean amp, it will solve the hiss-ue and improve the overall sound.

fitear togo 334 specs howard

It certainly takes no prizes in value. I'm also curious about the comfort and generally everyday use. Build quality: Fit-wise, I'm finding them to fit very nicely. So does Louis.