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Press the center button on the front panel, or the duplicate button on the small disc remote, and you're off.

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Baroque from the Netherlands, rock from the UK, humor from France, and so on. It's smart to include such a switch, as the 8 has plenty of bass on its own, and can sound downright boomy when placed in a corner. IKEA and Sonos: Sonos Amp Streaming Amplifier Review. The center button doubles as a pause button.

Or Peter Lorre. Depending on placement, a 3-position switch buried in next to the inputs limits the bass output. No Shortage of Blu-ray Players…Yet. To be honest, I'm not sure if I like it. You're rewarded after pushing any button with an LED lighting up around the front panel controls in the direction of the button you pushed. If you'd rather wall-mount, brackets are included to let you secure the 8 to the wall. Related Latest Reviews News. Remaster Class: It might just be my eyes, but the BeoSound 8 has a certain visual resemblance to a Fiat 500, or maybe a Frogeye Sprite.

Setup The 8's brushed metal chassis seems sturdy and high-end from the front, but around back all the cables enter at odd angles behind a 80s boombox-style plastic cover.

There's also a clock and sleep timer. Totem Acoustic Sky Loudspeaker Review.

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Season Two. Season Two Remaster Class: Seriously, I thought I was going to find space for 8 D-cells back there. In this way, the 8 acts like your computer's speakers, allowing you to play all your music, plus any Internet radio stations you can find.